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Treatment of Psoriasis, Vitiligo & Eczema

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Solarc Systems is the result of combining a lifelong psoriasis sufferer and a skilled design engineer. We create inspired and cost effective designs built for a lifetime of use. Our only product is Ultraviolet Light Therapy Systems for skin disease treatment... Nothing else.

Our Company was founded in 1992 and is ISO-13485 certified for the design and manufacturing of medical UV phototherapy lamps. All SolRxTM products are Health Canada & US-FDA compliant.

A prescription is NOT required, but the purchase still qualifies for the Canadian Medical Expense Tax Credit (METC) , or may be covered by your employer's health insurance.

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Standard Information Package (pdf):

Click here to download our Standard Info Package for Home Phototherapy in a single 3.5 MB Adobe Acrobat PDF file.

It contains almost all the info you will need, including the Home Phototherapy Selection Guide, all 3 Product Brochures, FAQ, Understanding UVB Narrowband article, Testimonials, The Ottawa Study, Tips for Insurance, and Order Forms.

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Solarc Systems' equipment is designed and manufactured in CANADA since 1992 !


Solarc introduces its French and Spanish Websites.

Solarc présente ses sites français et espagnol.

Solarc introduce su sitio web en ESPAÑOL para América Latina.

Solarc devices are now Health Canada compliant for the treatment of "Vitamin D Deficiency". For more information see our Vitamin-D Phototherapy FAQ

Important Medical Study: "Are Narrow-band Ultraviolet B Home Units a Viable Option for Continuous or Maintenance Therapy of Photoresponsive Skin Diseases?"
See why Narrowband UVB home phototherapy is an effective alternative to clinic phototherapy in this study of 25 patients using Solarc devices in the Ottawa area. Click here to learn more.

Testimonials & Customer Feedback
See what hundreds of actual Solarc home phototherapy users have to say. Click Here

Medical Expense Tax Credit   "Phototherapy equipment for the treatment of psoriasis and other skin disorders" is on the list of eligible expenses that do NOT require a prescription to make a claim, per the Income Tax Act, 118.2(2)(i). Click here to find out more.

Phototherapy Calendars   Keep track of your treatments. Click here to get access to our free Phototherapy Treatment Calendars.

Narrowband UVB 311 - Discover why UVB-Narrowband is usually preferred over UVB-Broadband - Click Here

Home Phototherapy Selection Guide
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Many Health Insurance Companies will help with a home UV light therapy unit purchase. See our Tips For Insurance Reimbursement page.

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Solarc Systems is an authorized Philips Distributor. Solarc Systems is ISO-13485 Certified for design & manufacturing of medical ultraviolet phototherapy equipment.

Solarc E-Series EXPANDABLE Modular Twin-Bulb Phototherapy System.
Solarc 1000 Series Full Body UV-Light Therapy Panel.
Solarc 500 Series Hand/Foot & Spot UVB-Narrowband Device.
Solarc 100 Series Hand-Held 2-bulb Home Phototherapy Wand.

    The many benefits of Home Phototherapy:
  • Eliminates time consuming trips to the phototherapy clinic.
  • Makes it easier to keep to your treatment schedule – fewer missed visits means better results.
  • Allows you to go directly from the shower or bath to the lights. This improves the treatment’s effectiveness.
  • Can reduce and often eliminate the use of topical creams and ointments; saving time and money.
  • Under physician supervision, can often be used in combination with topical medications for even greater results.
  • Allows those too far from a clinic to enjoy the benefits of ultraviolet phototherapy.
  • Is used in the privacy of your own home, where YOU are the only user of the equipment.
  • Device purchase is often covered by health insurance plans.
    Some other quick facts:
  • UVB light occurs NATURALLY in sunlight. SolRx devices make exactly the same light using artificial light sources.
  • Artificial light sources have the advantage of providing only the most therapeutic wavelengths of UV light, while minimizing the potentially harmful non-therapeutic wavelengths.
  • Artificial light sources allow much more accurate UVB dosing than using natural sunlight.
  • Home phototherapy units are available when you are, year round, day and night.
  • Many psoriasis sufferers find that their skin gets better in the summer. This is normally a good indicator that UVB phototherapy will be effective.
  • UVB light makes Vitamin-D in your skin. Not surprisingly, most people living far away from the earth's equator have a Vitamin-D deficiency, especially in the winter.
  • There are over 100 ultraviolet photo therapy clinics in Canada. They can be found in hospitals, dermatologist's offices and physiotherapy clinics.
  • If you have had success at the phototherapy clinic, home phototherapy will almost certainly work. Check out this important home phototherapy medical study.
  • There are thousands of SolRx home phototherapy devices in people's homes worldwide. We've been doing this since 1992.
  • Home UV light therapy units are very low maintenance. The UV bulbs last 5 to 10 years or longer !

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