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SolRx UV-BrushTM
for Psoriasis Scalp Treatment

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The UV-Brush is an optional accessory for the SolRx 100 Series.
For scalp treatment, the optional UV-BrushTM accessory can be quickly fitted to the SolRx 100 Series wand. The small hollow tipped cones (or "bristles") efficiently move the hair out of the way and allow the light to reach the scalp skin.

The UV-Brush is inserted into the grooves just above the clear acrylic window.
The UV-Brush is attached to the wand using the same grooves as the aperture plates. This takes only seconds and no tools are required. Note how the UV-Brush flexes to conform to the shape of the head and increase the device's contact area.

The SolRx UV-Brush in action.
The UV-Brush is used by first parting the hair in the vicinity of area to be treated. Then, with a swirling motion, moving the array of cones closer to the scalp until they are touching or nearly touching the scalp skin. The desired result is that the bulk of the hair will reside between the brush cones (or "bristles"), leaving the cone exit holes with a good view of the scalp, and with only limited blockage by the remaining hair strands. This is, however, an inexact process that is dependent on hair length, thickness and user skill.

View from inside wand to patient's scalp. Note how the hair is pushed aside and gathered between the cones.
This is a view from inside a special cut-away test wand onto a patient's scalp. Note how the hair is pushed aside and gathered between the cones. The UV-Brush is flexing to better conform to the curved surface of the scalp. This person has hair about 5 inches long. There is some fogging on the flat surfaces of the UV-Brush because the hair was wet.

The next two pictures are close-ups of this same photo.

Close-up of the SolRx UV-Brush in action.
This close-up of the previous picture shows that the ends of the cones are significantly cleared of hair, allowing the ultraviolet light to reach the scalp skin. The action of the UV-Brush works best on short to medium length hair. If the hair is too long, there is too much hair volume to store between the cones. If the hair is too short, the hair sticks up into the cones. The UV-Brush is made from soft biocompatible plastic.

And an even closer view.
And an even closer view. Note that the end of each cone has a different amount of hair blockage. This makes it necessary that the device be used in a slow swirling motion to generalize the light delivery. Fortunately, the UV-Brush is made entirely from UVB transmissive plastic, so even if the hair is not fully cleared from the cone tips, there is still useful UVB light available from the other areas of the UV-Brush, depending of course on how much hair is stored between the cones.

Please read the discussion that follows.

Discussion: Delivering light to the scalp through hair is a formidable task. The SolRx UV-Brush™ is a great improvement over existing straight comb type devices, but, because of the required spacing and size of the holes, it suffers from a significant loss of available treatment area. For example, if the areas between the cones are fully filled with hair, the 5.5mm diameter holes on a 11.8 x 11.8mm array theoretically allows only about 17% of the input light to pass. There is very little "funneling" effect, but the Irradiance at the ends of the cones is substantial, being about the same as at the clear acrylic window. Also, the UV-Brush material is about 80% UVB transmissive, so there is UVB light available all over the part, providing some compensation for hair clearance inefficiencies.

This means that to fully cover a treatment area the size of the brush contact area using the required randomized swirling motion, the treatment times ought to be increased by a factor of 1 / 0.17 = 5.9 times, plus a further increase for the efficiency of the device to get light through the hair to the scalp. (How much light does the hair at the ends of the cones block?) For the treatment of advanced scalp psoriasis using UVB-Narrowband phototherapy, this makes for long treatment sessions of up to 10 or 20 minutes for the entire scalp, but with very good results as demonstrated by Solarc's in-house testing and existing device users. If long treatment times cannot be tolerated, a possible solution is to use UVB-Broadband bulbs instead of UVB-Narrowband bulbs. UVB-Broadband bulbs have theoretically only about one-quarter to one-fifth the treatment times of UVB-Narrowband. It follows that a reasonable scenario might be to use UVB-Broadband for only the clearing phase of treatment, and then switching to theoretically safer UVB-Narrowband for the maintenance phase. Use of UVB-Broadband in this application is a more aggressive therapy than UVB-Narrowband. See article: Understanding Narrowband UVB Phototherapy.

A notable benefit of using the SolRx UV-Brush is that hairless skin around the hairline receive substantial amounts of UVB during treatment, because there is no hair to block the light. These highly visible and unsightly areas therefore clear up very quickly, providing great relief for the user. In fact, it is usually necessary to limit the light to the hairless areas, for example, by using a UVB-blocking aperture plate adjacent to the UV-Brush, and limiting the time treating these areas. Often just the "spill light" from using the UV-Brush on hair covered areas is enough.

Another option is to NOT use the UV-brush at all, and instead cut the hair very short (the shorter the better), and use the wand in direct contact with the scalp just like any other area of the body. This would certainly be the least time consuming method.

In conclusion, we believe that the SolRx UV-Brush is vastly superior to existing straight comb devices. Excellent results have been obtained when the patient uses the device diligently and as directed.

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