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SolRxTM 100 Series - Handheld
Positioning Arm Quick-Connect System (Optional)

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A SolRx 120UVB-NB Narrowband-UVB phototherapy unit mounted on the optional Positioning Arm.
The OPTIONAL "100 Series Positioning Arm Quick-Connect System" provides a method for "hands-free" wand positioning, yet still allows the wand to be quickly removed from the arm if positioning by hand is needed.

Note: Older versions of the 100 Series Positioning Arm did NOT have this feature; the wand was permanently attached to the arm. These older arms can be upgraded to the quick-connect system by ordering the "100 Series Positioning Arm Quick-Connect UPGRADE Kit". Just four (4) parts are needed.

Hands-free UVB Narrowband spot treatment.
At the base of the arm, the standard "desk mount" bracket is clamped to a table-top as shown.

Alternatively, the optional "wall mount" bracket can be screwed into a suitable vertical surface, such as a wall stud (not shown).

Note: The 100 Series Positioning Arm is NOT necessary for the successful use of the device, but may be of particular interest to patients treating many different or hard to reach areas, or for phototherapy clinics that do not want the patient to handle the device.

A special neck, washer and wingnut assembly is supplied installed by Solarc at the end of the arm.
At the end of the arm; a special stainless steel "neck", washer and wingnut are supplied installed by Solarc.

If the arm is purchased elsewhere or an older arm is being upgraded, the user will have to install these parts per the detailed instructions provided with the kit, which takes about 5 minutes. No tools are required.

Important: If the arm is purchased elsewhere, ensure that it has the correct "female neck adapter" as shown.

Note that the washer and wingnut are captive; there are no loose parts to keep track of or lose.

The adapter plate is attached to the wand using 4 screws and spacers.
A stainless steel "adapter plate" is permanently attached to the wand using four screws and spacers. Even with this adapter plate installed, the wand can still be stored in the carrying case.

If the arm is ordered at the same time as the device, Solarc will install the adapter plate before shipping. If an arm kit is ordered separately, the user will have to install the adapter plate, which takes about 10 minutes. The only tool needed is the screwdriver provided in the carrying case standard with the 100 Series device.

The wand can be used manually as-is, or quickly attached to the arm by simply inserting the adapter plate slot onto the neck at the end of the arm, as shown by the yellow arrow.

Tighten the wingnut to clamp the wand on the arm.
The wingnut is hand tightened to firmly clamp the wand to the arm.

For removal, a minimum of two complete turns of the wingnut are required. This minimizes the possibility of the wand falling off the arm, as the wand would become obviously loose long before it would fall off.

Hold the wand supply cable to the arm using Velcro straps.
Finally, four Velcro straps are used to fasten the wand supply cable to the arm bars.

If the wand is frequently removed from the arm, fewer straps can be used to minimize connection/removal time.

The SolRx Positioning Arm can be moved to a great variety of positions.
The arm can extend about 4 feet from its base to the end of the wand. From a 30 inch high table, it can extend nearly to the floor. The two main arm sections are both about 18 1/2" long, pin to pin.

Targeted Narrowband UVB phototherapy of the elbows.
There are a myriad of treatment possibilities; especially since the quick-connect system allows the wand to be so easily connected and removed from the arm.

The SolRx 100 Series Positioning Arm is great for hands-free targeted phototherapy.
This versatile arm has been used for many years in a wide variety of applications and is well known for its durability.

To our knowledge, no other handheld UVB phototherapy device has a positioning arm option for hands-free use, let alone a quick-connect system.

The Solarc 100 Series Positioning Arm Quick-Connect Kit.
This picture shows all the parts included in the 100 Series Positioning Arm Quick-Connect Kit (part# "100-Arm"), plus the arm's optional "wall mount" base in the top left corner (ordered separately). This is the complete arm kit including the arm and desk mount base.

If you have an older Solarc 100 Arm WITHOUT the quick-connect feature, you can upgrade it by ordering the "100 Series Positioning Arm Quick-Connect UPGRADE KIT" (part# "100-Arm-UPGRADE"). It includes just four (4) parts: the neck, washer, wingnut and adapter plate. The other parts such as the arm, arm base(s), spacers, screws, and Velcro straps; can all be reused. There is nothing else that you need to order.

If you have purchased the arm and arm base(s) elsewhere, you can adapt the wand by ordering the "100 Series Positioning Arm Quick-Connect ADAPTER KIT" (part# "100-Arm-ADAPTER"). It includes all the above parts; EXCEPT the arm and arm base(s). The neck, washer, wingnut, adapter plate, spacers, screws, and Velcro straps are all included. There is nothing else that you need to order, but make sure that the arm is complete with the "female neck adapter" shown in the third picture of this webpage.

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